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Paid Time Off!!

Updated: Mar 1

Employees earn paid time off as of Jan 1, 2024. "Paid leave accrues at the rate of one hour for every 40 hours worked up to a minimum of 40 hours in the 12-month period, this does NOT apply to employees working in Chicago and the City of Chicago." 

The Accrued PAID TIME OFF can be taken at any time by arrangement. Quality Staffing can only pay the quantity of hours accrued.

Example: For 1 Month worked (160 hours) you earn 4 hours PAID TIME OFF. So if you planned to take off a Friday with an 8 hour shift you would get paid your 4 hours earned and the other 4 hours would be considered voluntary unpaid time off.

  •  You are free to arrange the use of your PAID TIME OFF once they accrue.

  • If an employee has 40 hours of accrued time and subsequently quits, they will be paid their 40 hours. They do not lose it.

If you have any question contact us!

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